Sync facilitates Fast Fashion

Fast-Fashion is the new buzz word among retailers in South Africa, or at least it should be. Fast Fashion pioneer Zara, has now expanded into SA, highlighting the need for local retailers to start adopting this method of quick response manufacturing, providing customers with high-end fashion trends hot off the catwalk.

The Foschini Group (TFG) have begun adopting this change, of which their recent purchase of a local clothing manufacturer is proof. TFG recently purchased one of their Cape Town based suppliers, Prestige Clothing, a decision welcomed by the Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel.

Sync, which is currently being implemented at TFG, plays a key role in facilitating fast fashion. Many apparel businesses are operating on a combination of software systems, each managing a part of the process & thus slowing the entire product development life cycle down. Sync is a comprehensive, all-encompassing software solution that manages the entire  garment sourcing & manufacturing process, improving visibility throughout the product life-cycle of a garment, enabling quick response & reducing lead times.

How does Sync do this?
• The Sync costing module facilitates rapid development of new styles
• The tech-pack module improves supplier communication
• Sync’s product life-cycle management assists with co-ordination across the supply chain
• Sync’s task module reduces lead times by streamlining your critical path & enabling more proactive management of orders & task prioritization
• The electronic planning board plan enables close collaboration with factories & more efficient planning of orders
• Sync’s purchasing & raw materials warehousing module allows retailers to quickly react to changes in market conditions, enabling efficient materials purchasing & stock management.
• The QA module significantly improves communication between suppliers & retailers