Business Analysis

Thorough business analysis ensures that you not only implement the best solution, but also best industry practices, in order to eliminate duplication, improve control & reduce lead times.

You can be assured that you have the best equipped team to make your Sync implementation a huge success. We don’t use 3rd party resellers to implement our software because we know that you need a team that really understands the software & has the industry experience required to make your implementation as seamless as possible.  You’ll be assigned a handpicked team of experts with years of industry & Sync implementation experience to guide you through the implementation process.

We want to make sure that your implementation stays within budget & that your ROI is maximized. That’s why we’ll agree upfront on how much time it’s going to take to get the job done, and we’re not going to bill you by the hour. We implement Sync on a fixed cost basis, so you know exactly what you’re in for before we start.


We ensure that the implementation project is thoroughly planned and seamless business continuity is our top priority.

The Plan

We understand that you’re worried about disrupting your business & that you need to keep your company running at full capacity. You definitely can’t afford a slowdown whilst you’re implementing a new ERP & PLM solution so we’re going to plan this implementation together to make sure it’s a smooth transition. We will kick start your project by importing your existing data. We’ll get your employees excited about the change & we will make sure that you get value out of the system from day 1.

The Challenge

You may be in the apparel or footwear industry but we know that every business works differently. So we are going to spend time onsite understanding your company, your business processes, your current systems and challenges & your requirements. Then we will take that information & configure Sync in the best way possible, to solve these challenges-  that’s what we do best!

The Coach

Not many people enjoy software changes, but it’s our job to get your employees excited about the new system. We want to get their buy-in so that they are motivated to make your implementation a success. So, we’ll spend time with them, showing them exactly how Sync’s going to improve their efficiency, reduce their frustrations & boost your company’s performance. We are going to spend enough time on-site, at your offices teaching your employees exactly what they need to know & answering all the question they may have.

The Take Off

Let’s get the ball rolling! We’re going to agree on a ‘go live’ date & we’re going to meet it. We’re also going to make sure that Sync is adding value from day 1.  After all, isn’t that the point?

We’ll have a team on-site to make sure that things are running smoothly & we’ll be there to hold your hand through the process. We want to make sure that your business is not disrupted & that things go according to plan!

On-Site Training

Our expert trainers with years of relevant industry experience will provide in-depth training on-site to all Sync users.

Each user will also receive follow-up coaching on-site, once the system has gone live, to ensure that they are 100% confident in using our fashion software.

Sync’s easy-to-use interfaces make it very easy for new users to adopt to the software especially because it’s designed according to Microsoft’s best practices.

On-Going Customer Support

We’re here for the long haul. We’re looking forward to becoming partners in your business success & we’re going to make sure that we give you the best possible customer service that we can.

Of course you will get access to our support desk, but you’ll also be assigned an account manager that’s been involved in your implementation. Having spent time on-site at your company, they will know your challenges & they are going to make sure that you are getting the best value out of Sync – their job relies on it!


We’re pretty sure you are going to need some integration into other systems that you may have or that your customers may use. We have an API & EDI module + an integration team that’s dedicated to connecting Sync to other systems because we agree that there should not be any duplication!

Reporting: We may have over 100 standard reports that have been developed in conjunction with industry experts but you’re still going to want some changes or a few new reports. That’s pretty normal & we’re going to get those reports developed & tested before we go live!


If you’re based in America, Europe or Australia then we’re going to host & manage your Sync database with Microsoft Azure SQL. This means that you’re guaranteed 99.997% up time & the best infrastructure available at the lowest cost.

If you’re based in Africa, then we understand your challenges. We’ll put down our own on-site Sync server to host your Sync system on the most optimized cost effective solution available. Or we’ll host your Sync system at our datacentre to provide you will the best cloud service available.

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