We’re fortunate to have some of the best apparel & footwear brands in the world using Sync. They’ve taught us a lot about what really matters & we’ve implemented those ideas into Sync. SyncMobile, the B2B Sales App for your sales reps is just one of the modules designed to grow your brand by increasing sales & reducing excess inventory. Then processing those sales in the most efficient way to make sure your orders are being allocated, pulled, packed & shipped on time is the key to keeping your brand the standout performer. Our Mobile dashboard reports allow you to access critical high level information from your phone or iPad which means that there’s no way you’re going to miss sales & growth opportunities. Come join the rest of the brands that believe that implementing Sync is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.


We know how complicated sourcing & importing apparel & footwear can be. Keeping track of critical tasks, generating tech packs & managing the sampling process whilst at the same time dealing with a flurry of emails between you and your suppliers can be daunting. That’s why we created the critical task, vendor portal, tech pack & QA modules. Because we know that sourcing product from the other side of the world is a lot harder than it sounds! Come work with a team that’s has over 11 years experience with apparel sourcing companies just like yours.


There’s no doubt that manufacturing a garment is one of the most complicated processes around. Our roots are in apparel manufacturing because that’s where we started 11 years ago. Our clients all agree that without our Critical task module they would struggle to keep track of what’s going on. Our task module allows users to select the critical path that relevant for each style & it then automatically calculates the delivery date of the style & notifies each employee when they need to complete certain activities. Our stock control modules allows you to keep track of the fabrics & trims that you have in stock. Our Production planning module gives you an easy-to-use graphical planning board that allows you to plan your production taking into consideration factory capacity. Our costing module ensures that garments are accurately costed, taking into account fabric usage, rejects, trims, embellishments & packaging. To wrap it all up, Sync generate a “after-costing” repot that calculates actual fabric & trims utilization & generates any claims that should be charged to suppliers & factories.

The bottom-line is that there’s no other system that comes close to managing manufactured garments like Sync can. That’s because we’ve been fortunate to learn first-hand from some of the best apparel manufacturing companies that use Sync. They’ve help us develop the best tool that they need to remain industry leaders!

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