22 Industry Leading Modules.

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Style Costing
Cost locally manufactured or sourced/imported styles accurately.
Full warehouse management for finished goods inventory, including scan & pack functionality.
Critical Path
Prioritize outstanding tasks & get advanced notification of forecasted delays & bottlenecks.
Scan & Pack
Use scanners to fulfil shipments & reduce customer chargebacks.


Sync’s costing module is designed to accurately cost local fully sourced/imported products as well as manufactured garments.

Costing manufactured garments includes fabric, trims, embellishments, packaging, utilisation, transport & reject allowances that form part of the full garment cost. Imported or Sourced garments include the FOB cost, duty, shipping and packaging costs. Sync’s costing module also includes all the style master information such as: style number, items description, colours, size curve, department, product hierarchy, colors, production dates, sales window, fabric qualities & tariff codes. In addition, Sync includes an unlimited set of user definable fields which allows you to configure the style master to suite all your reporting requirements.


Sync’s garment Inventory modules is used by 100+ apparel companies to efficiently & accurately receive, pull, pick, pack, invoice & ship their product all over the world.

Generating waves of pick tickets has never been easier & keeping track of warehouse inventory, tracking warehouse staff efficiency & executing perfect delivery is made easy with Sync’s inventory module.


The critical path module is used to keep track of outstanding activities that need to be performed for each style.

Users select the appropriate task template for each style that contains all the steps & time required to take a style from inception to delivery. Each day, users are notified of the tasks that they need to perform in order to meet the required style completion date. The critical path module is an essential tool in streamlining bottlenecks, especially in the sampling & pre-production processes.


Sync’s Scan & pack module allows you to scan the garments UPC barcode whilst packing it into cartons.

This guarantees that orders are correctly picked & packed, eliminating errors & reducing customer chargebacks. It also integrates with shipping systems such as UPS, Fedex, USPS & Shipstation.

Support the product development, sourcing & manufacturing process.
Take the guess work out of allocating available inventory to outstanding orders.
Tech Pack
Quickly develop tech pack documents for garment development & product sourcing.
Materials Purchasing
Effectively manage fabric & trims materials purchasing & track order status.


We know how difficult it can be to keep track of hundreds or thousands of new styles required for each new season. Sync’s product-lifecycle module helps you keep track of what’s going on.

Styles move through statuses in Sync as they reach milestones in the product lifecycle which allows you to quickly identify styles that are lagging behind in milestones such as Fit-Approval, Pre-Production approval or production.


Sync’s Allocation module is geared towards brands.

How do you know what’s ready to ship to your wholesale customers within seconds of after a huge delivery from a supplier has arrived? Your wholesale customers are ordering multiple styles per order & your product is arriving from your vendors in multiple shipments. With 2 clicks of a button, Sync will tell you which orders meet a minimum threshold of delivery & then generate a wave of pick tickets for your warehouse’s pick & pack teams. Sync’s allocation system takes into consideration customer delivery dates, cancel dates, customer priority & available inventory & then computes the best pick ticket run possible- leaving you to take all the credit for an efficient warehouse & distribution process.


A well-constructed Teck Pack is one of the most important electronic documents required in converting your instructions to a correctly manufactured garment.

Creating a Tech Pack can literally take hours of consolidating product information such as Style master information, garment images, fabric requirements, trimmings, care labels, embellishment information, UPC’s, garment specifications, packaging instructions, shipping instructions & the list goes on….


The Material purchasing module is designed for apparel manufacturers that source their own fabric & trims – to be delivered to their own or outsourced CMT factory.

Sync allows you to quickly identify the fabric & trimmings required for an individual style or consolidate orders for multiple styles that are using the same components.

Sales Management
Efficiently capture, process & manage customer orders and simplify demand forecasting.
Materials Inventory
Efficient inventory management, warehousing & distribution for fabrics & trims inventory.
Product Orders
Generate purchase orders for sourced/imported products or create cutting orders with full BOM details.
Business Intelligence
A comprehensive pack of 80+ industry specific standard reports.


Sync’s allows you to create and manage sales orders in a full Omni-channel environment.

Sales orders that are created remotely via SyncMobile & SyncWeb, by reps or customers, via your ecommerce B2C website, internal sales team, or EDI are managed in one system- Sync. This provides unparalleled visibility into all orders, reporting & order management.


Sync’s material inventory module manages your fabric & trims inventory.

It includes Windows® Mobile Barcode Scanning software, making stock retrieval quick and efficient. Surplus inventory can be flagged to be sold or used in future orders, encouraging stock reduction. Whether your warehouse is onsite or 3PL, Sync’s inventory control software will ensure that every item is accounted for.


Generate purchase orders for sourced/imported products or create cutting orders with full BOM details for manufacturers.

Track WIP order status & generate production tracking reports effortlessly.


Sync includes over 90 standard reports that have been designed around best business practices in the apparel industry to provide a complete out-of-the-box solution.

Seamless export functionality to excel makes it easy to slice & dice data.

Sync Mobile
iPad B2B sales app for sales reps to create customer orders directly from their iPad.
Mobile Dashboards
Touch-optimized dashboards and reports experience in iOS, Android & Windows apps.
Sync Web
B2B Web Portal for customers & sales reps to create orders & track deliveries.
Production Planning
Graphical capacity & scenario planning tool for production line planning.


SyncMobile is the award winning iPad B2B Sales App for sales reps to create customer orders directly from their iPad.

SyncMobile allows sales reps to browse catalogues, create linesheets & create orders directly from their iPads eliminating the need to have physical catalogues or samples. In addition, sales reps can create customized line-sheets for customers by quickly selecting styles with a few simple clicks & then emailing a pdf copy to buyers to approve. By simplifying & streamlining order entry and providing up-to-the-minute on-hand inventory levels, reps know what styles are available to sell immediately. It is designed with online & offline functionality so that you can always make that sale regardless of your internet connectivity. “Reps can raise orders at least five times faster than before, so they can spend more time selling, and less time stuck in admin”. Patrick Duff (Vans brand manager, SA)”


Bring your data to life with Sync’s Mobile Dashboard Module.

Access business critical dashboards on an iPad, iPhone, Windows or android App. Our suite of dashboard reports provides a helicopter view of your business & key performance indicators of each department. Most dashboard just give you a one dimensional interface, but with Sync you can drill down into each report …directly from your phone.


SyncWeb is a wholesale B2B web sales module for brands that provides sales reps & customers with the ability to create orders remotely via an easy to use wholesale ecommerce portal.

Sales reps & customers can create orders, view line sheets, track order statuses & quickly identify available at-once (AO) & available-to-sell (ATS) inventory. SyncWeb has a proven track record of boosting in season trading, improving stock turn & increasing sales. By providing accurate up-to-the-minute ATS & AO inventory to sales reps, it radically increases your order delivery fulfilment. “The perfect tool for our sales force,” Ockie Fourie. (Hurley brand manager, SA)


Sync production planning Board is a graphical capacity & scenario planning tool for production line planning.

It has been designed for managing & planning garment manufacturing by schedule styles onto factory lines & calculating the production time required based on the number of operators, line efficiency, garment minute rate and units required. It includes drag & drop functionality, alerts & critical path planning.

Seamlessly link your B2C e-Commerce website to Sync to reduce duplication.
Quality Assurance
Streamline QA sampling & approval processes with electronic garment specifications & sample submissions.
Accounting Integration
Prebuilt integration into all leading accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Pastel, Sage, SAP & MS Dynamics.
Vendor Web Portal
Improve accuracy, collaboration & communication with vendors.


Connect Sync to your e-Commerce system to manage your product catalogue, provide inventory updates & integrate ecommerce orders.

Dashboard e-Commerce management reports, automated picking & email alerts ensure that your e-Commerce orders are picked, packed & shipped without delay.


Sync’s QA module allows users to select a pre-developed specification template when developing & costing similar styles.

By consolidating your garment specification into one central database it ensures that you garment sizing is standardized & that the correct body templates are used. In addition, Sync QA manages the entire end-to-end sampling & submission process during the product life cycle including; fit-samples, pre-production & final garment QA.


You need the best accounting system for your business & we don’t want to change that.

Sync integrates with all leading accounting systems including Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Sage Pastel, Sage Evolution & Sage 300.


Effective communication of information between you & your vendors is critical in ensuring that the product arrives on-time, looking exactly how you wanted it.

If you have an email in-box that’s reaching capacity, then you have a problem that we’d like to solve. Our vendor Web Portal is used to communicate information, documents, tasks, specifications, sampling information & milestones between you & your suppliers. Not only does this reduce the hinders of emails flying back & forth but also increases the visibility & ability for the rest of your team. It’s time to stop mining your email inbox.

Seamlessly exchange information electronically with your vendors & customers.
Integrate Sync with internal, external & 3rd party systems.


Seamlessly exchange information with your customers using EDI 850, 855, 856, 860 & 810 documents.


We want to make sure that there is absolutely no duplication of effort & so we have a full API to connect Sync to your existing internal & external systems.

We’re not going to allow you to do more work than you need to – so let’s just connect our systems together and improve efficiencies.

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