EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is fast becoming a standard requirement for business-to-business collaboration across the apparel industry. What is EDI? Essentially, EDI refers to the exchange of electronic business documents between 2 companies, providing a common ‘language’ that allows vendors & suppliers to communicate with each other electronically. In the pressurized & highly competitive apparel industry, companies are starting to expect their suppliers/business partners to be competent in EDI to increase business efficiency.

SA’s leading apparel ERP software system, Sync, has recently released its EDI software module which allows its clients to connect seamlessly with their vendors & customers in order to exchange business critical information electronically. Although EDI is used by the majority of large companies, the use of EDI in mid-sized business has been very limited or non-existent. EDI automates activities that are manually being performed and one of the main benefits of EDI is the elimination of manual data entry which results in a significant reduction of errors & a dramatic increase in productivity.

What are the benefits of EDI? Sync’s EDI module ensures that its clients will work smarter, faster & more cost effectively by automating the sending and receiving of purchase orders, invoices, ASN’s and other EDI documents. One of the unique aspects is that it uses a flexible XML interface which allows users to create their own specific EDI documents by mapping EDI formats.

The addition of this EDI solution module to Sync is yet another example of how the development team behind Sync are constantly working at updating the software system to ensure that it remains ahead of its competition & continues to meet the ever changing needs & demands of the apparel industry.

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