To maintain success in today’s fashion industry, apparel businesses are forced to work faster and more efficiently than ever before, specifically to meet the demands of an industry focusing on Fast Fashion.

More & more businesses are turning towards PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software systems to reduce lead times and increase control over the product development process. The trouble though, is that many PLM systems are do not offer a complete solution integrating planning, sourcing & production, therefore requiring another system or number of systems to bridge the gap.

Sync apparel software, from iSyncSolutions, is a proven and fully integrated PLM & ERP software system, designed specifically for the apparel & fashion industry. This clothing software provides management tools that are designed to promote Fast-Fashion by reducing lead times, streamlining business processes, increasing employee productivity & highlighting the critical path to ensure on-time delivery.

With unparalleled knowledge in fashion & apparel, Sync offers a complete end-to-end apparel software solution for the industry, combining the best of ERP & PLM with the needs of this highly competitive industry. Sync allows clothing businesses to streamline their entire sourcing process, connecting all departments including design, merchandising, planning & production, as well as enabling easy collaboration with suppliers.

As opposed to PLM solutions that offer basic tools for managing the sampling process, Sync takes on a process-driven approach to the design & sourcing process, enabling fashion companies to move seamlessly through sampling through to production using the same tools & the same system. As a result, communication & collaboration between suppliers & vendors is improved, as well as creating increased visibility into the various departments.

By combining ERP & PLM into one system, along with extensive industry knowledge & innovative technology, Sync streamlines & consolidates the entire fashion lifecycle into a single apparel software system that meets & exceeds clients needs.

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